Mellifera e. V. – Centre for Organic Beekeeping

Fascinating topics in the beekeeping center Fischermühle

Mellifera e.V. is an independent non-profit organisation

Since 1985 we have been pioneers in developing sustainable ecological concepts for beekeeping and the deal with illness. With research projects, seminars and publicity Mellifera is leading the discussion on organic beekeeping matters including the care and management of colonies. Our organisation is running the Fischermühle apiary with approx. 170 hives for research and training purposes. Mellifera e.V. introduces people to the fascinating world of bees, informs about their endangerment and makes sure there is a public political debate about the future of beekeeping.

On a world-wide level apiculture is caught in an existential crisis the true proportions of which are covered up by drugs and the feeding of sugar. The causes are manyfold. Without measures of the beekeeper most bee colonies would be destined to die. In Germany wild bees do not survive any more. Many other pollinating insects are threatened or already extinct. Keeping bees has become a challenge, in many respects taking the beekeeper to his limits.

The conventional measures of the beekeeper are often a strain on the bees. Mellifera e.V. is interested in an appropriate way of keeping bees, not only in an organic approach to combating illnesses. We link holistic perspectives and working closely with the bees with practical concepts and scientific work. The Centre offers a place to meet for non-dogmatic exchange and professional further training. Mellifera e.V. works with a net of partner organisations caring for bees and other pollinating insects.

There is no way back to ‘the good old times’. It is necessary for all social forces to work together on as large a scale as possible and to carry a common responsibility for the bees. You as an individual can also help. You are warmly invited to participate.


Up until now Mellifera e.V. was mostly active within German speaking countries. Here we initiated a number of projects, e.g.:

BeeDefender Alliance

Event: Fr 22. Jul 2016, 12:00 – So 24. Jul 2016, 14:30

further projects
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